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Hair growth & Scalp healing

Hair Growth Treatment | Bronze (30pcs) *Up to 30weeks

Hair Growth Treatment | Bronze (30pcs) *Up to 30weeks

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Achieve the thicker, stronger, fuller, and healthier hair you desire with our Hair Growth Treatment | Bronze bundle. This amazing trio includes everything you need to promote hair growth and improve scalp health.

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Bundel includes:

Hair Growth Capsules | Bronze

Give your hair a boost with our Bronze Hair Growth Capsules. This concentrated blend of black sesame, ginger root, and polygonum multiflorum is specially formulated to promote hair growth, improve hair quality, and heal the scalp. It strengthens the hair, reduces hair loss, and stimulates healthy hair growth.

Derma Hair Growth Roller

Boost hair growth and thickness with the Dr. Hair Repair Derma Hair Growth Roller. Its 1mm needles enhance absorption of the Hair Growth Capsules, activating stem cells and collagen production. Suitable for all hair types, this painless roller promotes faster growth, making it perfect for addressing baldness or simply enhancing hair growth.

Scalp Stimulating Massager

Dr. Hair Repair Scalp Stimulating Massager promotes hair growth and reduces hair loss by increasing blood circulation and aiding the absorption of the Hair Growth Capsules. It also helps to lather up shampoo, remove dead skin cells and product buildup, without tangling or pulling the scalp. Made of 100% soft silicone, it relaxes scalp muscles and reduces stress, unlike other scalp massagers.



When do I see results?

Get ready to see a transformation in just 90 days! With the best results visible around 120 days, you'll soon notice your hair looking fuller and healthier than ever before. Don't wait any longer to unleash your hair's full potential - try it now and see the difference for yourself!

How often do I use the Hair Growth Capsules?

Achieve a fuller and healthier head of hair with just 1-2 applications a week before washing. Our 30 hair growth capsules in each bottle provide weeks of use to enjoy.

For small areas or bald patches, use 1 capsule per application once or twice a week for 30 or 15 weeks of use respectively. For full scalp treatment, use 2-3 capsules per application and enjoy up to 20 weeks of use once a week or 5-10 weeks of use twice a week.

For the quickest and most effective results, combine the Dr. Hair Repair Hair Growth Pearls with the Dr. Hair Repair Derma Hair Growth Roller and the Dr. Hair Repair Scalp Stimulating Massager. This powerful trio will help you achieve the full and healthy head of hair you've always wanted.


Product usage guide:

How do I use the Bronze Hair Growth Capsules?

1. Open the bronze hair growth capsule and apply the oil evenly to your scalp and/or beard. The oil can also be used on the lengths of your hair to nourish and strengthen it.

2. Leave the oil in for a few hours to work its magic, then wash it out with your favorite shampoo and conditioner.

*Using the Dr. Hair Repair Hair Growth Pearls 1-2 times a week on your scalp and/or beard will help you enjoy stronger, thicker, and fuller hair with improved texture, reduced hair loss, and faster growth. Join the countless customers who have achieved their dream hair with the help of Dr. Hair Repair.

How do I use the Derma Hair Growth Roller?

1. Use the Derma Hair Growth Roller on dry hair. Roll 5 times with gentle pressure in a horizontal, vertical and diagonal direction on bald/short hair and horizontally on long hair.

2. Apply the Dr. Hair Repair Growth Capsule evenly on your scalp/beard by using your fingers or the Dr. Hair Repair Scalp Stimulating Massager.

3. Leave the Dr. Hair Repair Hair Growth Capsule in for some hours before washing it out. Meanwhile, disinfect your Derma Hair Growth Roller with medical alchohol to keep it clean.

How do I use the Scalp Stimulating Massager?

Dr. Hair Repair Hair Growth Treatment:

Start by applying the hair growth oil evenly onto your scalp or beard. Then, wrap your hand around the massager and gently press the tips into your scalp or beard to stimulate blood flow and promote hair growth. Massage the oil around the treatment area for 3 to 5 minutes, and leave it in for a few hours before washing it out for best results.

The Ultimate Shower Experience:

Elevate your shower routine by wetting your hair and applying shampoo evenly on your scalp. Enhance your cleansing experience with the Scalp Stimulating Massager, which gently massages the shampoo into your hair and scalp for a deep and invigorating clean. Rinse the shampoo and proceed with your daily hair conditioning routine to achieve the healthy, luscious locks you deserve.


HAIR GROWTH & HAIR VITAMIN TREATMENT | BUNDLE includes 1 Hair Growth Capsules for hair growth, 1 Hair Vitamin Capsules to repair and nourish hair lengths, and 2 accessories to speed up the growth process.

  • Charlotte K. ★★★★★

    "I'd struggled with thin hair and significant bald spots for years, which caused me a lot of concern. Thanks to Dr. Hair Repair capsules, I'm now witnessing truly astounding changes. My hair feels much fuller, and there are even cute baby hairs sprouting in areas that were once bald. This product has given my confidence a tremendous boost. Thank you, Dr. Hair Repair!"

  • Ava B. ★★★★★

    "I was always frustrated because my hair was growing really slowly. But since I started using Dr. Hair Repair Hair Growth Capsules, I've seen a tremendous difference in just 3 months! My hair is now growing much faster, and I can finally enjoy the length I've always wanted. These capsules have truly worked wonders for my hair. I can't recommend them enough!"

  • Sophia J. ★★★★★

    "I was skeptical about hair growth products, especially after trying other products that didn't work before. However, the Dr. Hair Repair Hair Growth Capsules have exceeded my expectations! Within just 3 weeks, I started seeing new baby hairs on my scalp. I am so thrilled with the results so far and can't wait to see how my hair will look after more use of these capsules."

  • Isabella S. ★★★★★

    "My hair was always very thin, which made me never wear it loose because I felt insecure about it. When I purchased the complete treatment package from Dr. Hair Repair, everything changed. My hair now grows much faster and stronger, making my lengths finally full. I also regularly use the hair vitamin capsules to keep my lengths healthy. This has truly been a life-changing treatment for my hair."

  • Priya P. ★★★★★

    "I had always struggled with thin hair and felt really self-conscious about it. Since I started using the Derma Hair Growth Roller and Dr. Hair Repair Hair Growth Capsules, I've noticed such a difference in just a few weeks! My hair seems to be getting fuller and stronger, and I'm genuinely happy. This is definitely a combination I'll keep using. Thank you, Dr. Hair Repair!"

  • Emma R. ★★★★★

    "I've been using Dr. Hair Repair capsules, the Bronze variant, for 4 months now, and my hair is growing incredibly fast! I took a photo with just a 1-month time difference, and the change is truly remarkable. I wholeheartedly recommend these capsules. I also advise using the derma roller before applying the capsules to your scalp. (tip: I let the oil sit for some time with household wrap around it to keep it warm.)"

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